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How IT service providers can predictably increase their sales calls booked by more than 50 calls in just 6 months and simultaneously free up time for scaling.


"Finally, an Agency That Delivers on Its Promises"

See What Our Clients Say


Tomás Silva, CEO, AI Dynamics Lda
Struggling to market our AI solutions effectively, Chris with his Team came as a beacon of hope. Their exceptional testimonial writing and lead generation strategy doubled our revenue within six months, far exceeding our expectations.


Giovanni Bianchi, CEO, FinTech Forward S.r.l.
As a FinTech startup, finding the right leads was challenging for us. Konkel Consulting helped us with their strategic approach, focusing on our unique value proposition, significantly and increased our sales calls and revenue. Their dedication to results and constant communication made all the difference.


Henrik Svensson, CEO, CloudInnovate AB
Mr. Konkel transformed our cloud services outreach. Initially skeptical, I was amazed by the tenfold increase in qualified leads in just half a year. Their tailored campaigns and deep industry insight have been instrumental in our growth.


Lukas Müller, CEO, DataSecure GmbH
Before partnering with Christian, our cybersecurity firm struggled to reach its market potential. Their personalized approach not only refined our lead generation process but also doubled our client base within months. Their transparency and innovative strategies were game-changers for us.


Olivier Dubois, CEO, IoT Innovate SAS
Konkel Consulting was pivotal in scaling our IoT company. Their expertise in crafting compelling testimonials and identifying our ideal customer profile led to a noticeable surge in high-quality leads. Their service is unparalleled in its effectiveness and efficiency.


Ivo Janssen, CEO, SecureTech BV
Our cybersecurity firm faced significant lead generation hurdles. Christians outstanding service, from onboarding to campaign execution, has not only improved our outreach but also established us as industry leaders. Their proactive communication and results-oriented approach are truly commendable.

We Accelerate Your Workload

Don't just grow your business. Scale it smoothly and predictably with a reliable partner.

Customizing Your Strategy for Your Perfect Customer

The cornerstone of your outbound marketing is crafting an irresistible offer. A knockout offer that truly speaks to your ideal customer is crucial. We specialize in shaping your offer to not only align with your brand but also to deeply connect with your target audience.

✔️ Selecting the Perfect Market
✔️ Crafting Your Ideal Customer Profile
✔️ Additional Refinements
✔️ Defining Your Value Proposition

Client Acquisition Infrastructure

At Konkel Consulting, we craft a bespoke client acquisition system tailored to your needs, operating seamlessly across various channels. This system is designed to consistently deliver 10-35 high-quality meetings every month, like clockwork. Utilizing advanced technologies like API keys, GPT prompts, and more, we unlock the door to engaging potential clients. Our approach has successfully secured over 2000 meetings for our partners, showcasing our proven track record.

✔️ 10-35 high-quality meetings monthly, set on autopilot
✔️ Steady and predictable flow of leads
✔️ Sustained business growth
✔️ Exceptional open rates of over 90% (versus the 15% industry average)
✔️ Impressive reply rates of over 25% (compared to the 1% industry norm)

Mastering Sales Velocity

When the meetings start rolling in, we'll fine-tune your sales approach, creating tailored follow-up sequences to qualify leads effectively. Plus, we'll streamline your CRM for seamless operations, all aimed at increasing your sales speed and accelerating deal closures.

✔️ Ready-to-Close Leads
✔️ Streamline Your CRM to Free Up Time
✔️ Quicker Revenue Increase

Effortless Scaling

As new meetings and clients flood in, being prepared is key. We're here to help you optimize and streamline your processes for top efficiency and easy scaling. With the help of AI tools, we automate workflows, onboarding, and the customer experience for seamless growth.

✔️ Consistent Growth
✔️ Seamless Onboarding
✔️ Effortlessly Scalable Sales

Why Work With Us?

1. No More Time Wasted on Prospecting

When you work with us, all your team has to do is talk to interested prospects

2. Your Ideal Prospect

We build targeted lead lists from scratch to make sure that we connect you with the exact types of prospects that are most likely to buy your offering

3. Pay For Results

Our pricing is set up to be a partner instead of a barrier to scaling

4. Your perfect Offer

Together, we craft an irresistible offer that perfectly matches our outreach strategy.

5. Receive valuable Data

Data is crucial in business, especially for sales. Understanding your customers' needs perfectly can attract a flood of new clients.

6. Working with a true Partner

Ever dealt with an agency that didn't deliver what they promised? Too many are focused on their own success first, rather than on their clients' long-term wins.

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Here's who we are able to generate the best result for you, once you bring:


IT Service Company


Generating > 30,000 EUR MRR


Product Market Fit


Case Studies

How It Works, Simplified

Here's who we are able to generate the best result for you, once you bring:


Swift Onboarding

Our onboarding process is designed to be quick taking no more than 30 minutes.

Day 1

Generating the list

Within a week, we offer over 10.000 meticulously selected high-quality prospects.

Day 1-3

Creating the irresistable offer

We test out different angle sto grab the attention of your ICP.

Day 3-8

Setting up our system

Establishing a top-notch outreach system. All task are managed by us.

Day 9

Quick Examination

We analyze and choose the best sales angels to effectively reach your desired audience.

Day 10

Meetings begin pouirng in

You'll notice the impact of our service almost immediately, with almost no effort on your part.

Day 17+

Who We Are

Unleash the true potential of your Brand.

Your brand deserve the best. That's why we are here.

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More Leads

We at Konkel Consulting will set up a complete client acquisition infrastructure for you. Which will predictably generate (10-35) qualified meetings on auto-pilot every month.

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More Revenue

As meetings begin to flow in, we will help you refine your sales process, crafting detailed nurturing sequences to vet leads. We'll also automate your CRM for smooth, hassle-free operations, all designed to boost your sales velocity and expedite deal closures.

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A Partner

Don't just grow your business. Scale it smoothly and predictably with a reliable partner. Think of us as your dedicated cold outbound sales team, working silently in the background to keep your sales pipeline flowing smoothly. No need for the headache and expenses of managing an in-house cold outbound team.

The Team

Ninjas at work

If you build a small team of Ninjas, you don't need an army.

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Christian Konkel
CEO & Founder

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Client Interviews

Hear what our clients have to say about working with Konkel Consulting.

40 Meetings in 60 days

⛔ No Lead generation system.
⛔ No clear sales process.
⛔ No predictable growth.
✅ 40 meetings in ther first 60 days
✅ Predictable lead flow
✅ Reliable sales system
✅ Consistently growing

+1,000,000,€ in pipeline and 33,000€ in revenue.

⛔ 2 inbound meetings/week.
⛔ 0 positive replies in 3 months.
⛔ No outbound system.
✅ +1,000,000,€ added to the sales pipeline
✅ 33,000€ in NEW revenue
✅ A reliable outbound infrastructure
✅ Replaced expensive SDRs...

Booking a meeting with the ... in the world, ... .

⛔ Relying on referrals.
⛔ No lead generation system.
⛔ No predictable growth.
✅ +100,000,€ added to pipeline/month
✅ 15+ meetings/month
✅ Booking a meeting with ...

Calculate Your ROI
With us.

Our partners get 10-35 qualified meetings per month.

Enter your average deal size and winning rate, the match it with our average monthly meeting figures.
Fancy a boarder view? Try calculating with annual figures

*depending on their
Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Ready To Scale?

Schedule a meeting with any of our Regional Directors and let's chat about scaling your business in 2024.

This is NOT for you if you:
⛔️ Are not making more than 30K/mo.
⛔️ Don't have any case studies.
⛔️ Don't have a product market fit.

This is for you if you want to:
✅ Generate a minimum of 100,000€ in NEW revenue.
✅ Save 15+ hours a week.
✅ Get 7-35 qualified high-intent meetings a month.
✅ Automate your client acquisition.
✅ Expand to new markets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that might be on your mind. If you got any further questions
feel free to contact us!

So, Why Konkel Consulting?

-Konkel ConsultingHiring a SDRMarketing AgencyDo It Yourself
Time to get result14 Days3 Months2-4 Weeks3-6 Months
PriceBased on results+2500€/mo+5000€ for service + media buying+3000€ for software & tolls + time wasted
FailureUnlikelyMediumHighVery High

Should We Begin Systematic Growth Today, Or Wait Until FOMO Creeps In?

New clients from multiple new markets on a performance basis.
(and 6 figures in new revenue as a guarantee).